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November 2016-11-22 Entry 4
Hey, in the last entry I know I was acting like a bitch. I notice that I may not have been very clear since my friend thing that they are the bad guy etc. I was under much stress and I know that it not a real reason and I won’t deny that fact. I don't think they are bad or manipulate or anything like that. Sometimes I feel thing I don't understand and try make since of that and it mostly end in very negative. I don't think my friend is a "selfish bitch" or anything similar. I know they are upset over what I wrote; I know they will listen to my problems always. I'm very thankful for that but I don't like to depend on others when I know they also feel bad like I do and don't tell me anything. I hate that they say I can really on them but it feels sometimes that they can do the same to me. When they know that I have done things to them and don't like and not saying anything. Make me worried about how good friends we can really be if the trust doesn’t go both ways. I don't like
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November 2016-11-14 Entry 3
Hey, it’s been a while I know. I just had trouble to write and I think I should start writing every day even if I don’t feel like it. But I just need to get this burden on my chest now. Last night a friend of mine asked me to do something. First I shall explain that in my class we are trying to earn money for our graduation, and to do that we are selling clothes. Everyone have their own code to enter the page where we put the orders. And the favor she was asking was if I could put her orders with mine. I told her at first no but she still tried to force me say yes. Until she said that if I did not do it she was the one in trouble. Manipulation was what she used to make me say yes. I hate when people use guilt to make me do something I don’t want to. I love to help others but sometimes I don’t want the ressure of having to worry about hers and my stuff. When someone use guilt and say stuff like that makes it worse for
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October 2016-10-30 Entry 2
Hey again, this is still a bit awkward for me…Yeah anyway today I did not really do anything but…I don’t know...ugh. I sometimes get an “episode” were I overthink about my past and starts crying a not a river but a waterfall. It’s then when I can’t hide all of my pain and sorrow anymore because it too much for me. I don’t happen very often in front of anyone only when I know I’m going to be alone for a very long time. I know it’s ridiculous but that’s how I deal with my pain and sorrow. I don’t know how to be myself in front of anyone without my mask. I can’t smile nor say what I truly want to, which leaves me thinking how I could have done different instead. A few years back I was a bit suicidal. No one knew that, and it was during the time I was bullied by my childhood friends. I don’t even know why I’m still alive, every day I feel like I don’t deserve to live or breath. That I’m on
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October 2016-10-29 Entry 1
Dear Diary
Hey, this is my first time trying to write a diary online where everyone can read it. I’m writing this to become truer with myself and try to get who I truly am. Also to make that work I have to tell the truth about everything I shall write here. So to who ever read this I’m going to call you guys for savior. Because you guys who are reading this are saving the parts of myself that are true before they disappear. There is a lot of stuff that I would never say but I am going to in later entries maybe… sigh. So um I’m not going to tell any of you readers my real name instead I’m going to have a nick name that I’m going to use.  My name is wolf child, yeah I know is not really original but I love wolves as long I can remember. To tell the truth I don’t know how to do this stuff really. I’m not sure who I am, for a very long time I have tried to be myself but I can’t. I have a front ever since I was bullied, and know I d
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Overprotective brothers Yay! One shot(s?)
          Sick Day
Moon’s Pov
Yo, just so you know who I am my name is Moon and I’m a boy. Yeah my name is not very original, I know. And it’s not many boys that are named Moon by their parents. But hey, I love it and that's all that matters. I’m fifteen and have long, blond, short, disheveled hair that reaches a bit lower than my shoulders. My hair is like “I don’t want to be tamed” every day and I hate it. I have blue green eyes and my skin is tanned just like the rest of my family. According to my friends and family I’m stubborn, kind, a prankster, funny, cuddly, a daydreamer and can easily worry about others. I’m 155 cm tall and very petite. My brothers love it because they have the upper hand when they want to cuddle or when we wrestle. Right now I’m wearing my pjs. It consists of a simple white T-shirt that’s way to big for me and shorts that belongs to me. The t-shirt is my oldest brother&
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Another day passed by and i'm still thinking why i’m still alive
I know that people around me think i’m stupid, useless, annoying or worthless
But even so I try to fit in with those who I think of as friends.
I want to believe my friends love me but it’s hard sometimes.
Even if we insult each others just for fun I take thouse insults to the heart
I know they don’t meant but I still have trust issues that I have not told anyone
And if they know they don’t know how deep they truly are
I like to keep thinking everything is fine.
Keeping it all hidden from those who I care about
I know that one day i’m gonna explode
The tears that I have never been able to let fall even when I need to
Like when my guinea pig Arix first died I cried a lot for my first pet
I hurt a lot it was the first one that I loved that died in my life
Later I had more guinea pigs and when one after one died
I just couldn't cry out the pain I felt. I don’t know why I coul
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Humanity are killing the earth slowly
I don’t know how many times I have heard that we shall save our earth
Yet we are destroying it and not giving earth the love and respect it deserves
You may think I’m stupid or crazy for thinking like this
The earth does not need love nor respect but I say you are wrong
Our earth was once healthy and richer that we could imagine us
But we destroyed it slowly from the moment of the humanities creation
There are a few that may be serious about this and are trying to save earth
But even so they cannot do this alone in order to save earth we need to work together as one
Not separated for it is only together we can do anything
As an old saying goes one for all and all for one
Why should we try to find another planet to live in when this one is dead?
Why can’t we just try to heal our own planet it’s never too late until is finally dead
And why would that be? Oh right because we killed our home planet without remorse
Can we really be sure that is not going to happen to
:iconroselinteria:roselinteria 1 0
Days passes by while the people stand still
Tired of seeing the same thing every day I walk out my door
People hating others only because of what they are
Hate them because they are queer or trans women/men
Why does it matter what gender you are
Isn’t what you have in your heart the most important thing?
If we can’t accept something as simple as the fact there are other genders
How are we going to be able to accept each other and stop the different statuses we put on people that are not like us?!
It makes me angry at people who can’t see that we are all humans no matter what happens
We all deserve to be able to show who we are and not having to worry that we will be beaten up by others just because we are different.
There are no excuses to treat those who are not cis people everyone have the right to be treated as anyone else and not as if they were a disease.
:iconroselinteria:roselinteria 1 3
I am who I am
I am who I am
But why can’t I stop feeling this pain
You want me to change my very being
How I look, act and do
Noting I ever do make you happy
Always a disappointment, disgrace
Why does it matter who I love
Does it matter if I’m gay or not  
Can’t you just accept who I am?
Is all you are ever going get from me
I will not change what makes me
Just because you don’t like it
To change what makes who I am
It’s like you want me to take my own life
Because you don’t think I deserve to live
Even if you try to put me down
I will only get up with my head tall
There will always me those who will hate what I am
But at the same time there will be those who will stand beside me
And accept and love me for who I am without changing me
That’s why I won’t change anything!
Don’t like who I am
Well that’s your problem not mine
For I am proud of who I am
And the person that I am today
And nothing you ever do or say will make me regret it
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Dragons rose of flames by roselinteria Dragons rose of flames :iconroselinteria:roselinteria 1 3 Pregnant mountain princess by roselinteria Pregnant mountain princess :iconroselinteria:roselinteria 2 7 Angel princess of wolves by roselinteria Angel princess of wolves :iconroselinteria:roselinteria 3 5 Happy Valentine by roselinteria Happy Valentine :iconroselinteria:roselinteria 0 2


Waterfalls II by midnightstouch Waterfalls II :iconmidnightstouch:midnightstouch 663 180 Wings Png 5 by Moonglowlilly Wings Png 5 :iconmoonglowlilly:Moonglowlilly 747 162 Pedestal 02 by DarklingStock Pedestal 02 :icondarklingstock:DarklingStock 18 6 jason aaron baca free8955cowboy by jasonaaronbaca jason aaron baca free8955cowboy :iconjasonaaronbaca:jasonaaronbaca 11 1 Premade BK Stock 249 by FairieGoodMother Premade BK Stock 249 :iconfairiegoodmother:FairieGoodMother 291 44 Misty Park Stock by wyldraven Misty Park Stock :iconwyldraven:wyldraven 60 10 Dark Forest by HZ-Designs Dark Forest :iconhz-designs:HZ-Designs 11 0 Forest 02 by HZ-Designs Forest 02 :iconhz-designs:HZ-Designs 8 0 Rainbow Path STOCK by wyldraven Rainbow Path STOCK :iconwyldraven:wyldraven 1,434 622 Magical Forest STOCK by wyldraven Magical Forest STOCK :iconwyldraven:wyldraven 2,216 957 Forest Stream STOCK by wyldraven Forest Stream STOCK :iconwyldraven:wyldraven 3,510 1,436 Moon STOCK by wyldraven Moon STOCK :iconwyldraven:wyldraven 7,150 1,388 Stormy Hills STOCK by wyldraven Stormy Hills STOCK :iconwyldraven:wyldraven 357 72 Misty Park II Stock by wyldraven Misty Park II Stock :iconwyldraven:wyldraven 1,110 256 Winter Scene Stock by wyldraven Winter Scene Stock :iconwyldraven:wyldraven 2,268 1,005


Be who you are don't let anyone say you wrong

Your beautiful just the way you are

Beauty does not come from the outside but from the inside

Be brave to show who you really are

And forget those who can't accept you

For they are not wort your time

Be brave to be yourself    

  • Listening to: inner voices
  • Reading: minds
  • Watching: people
  • Playing: with emotions
  • Eating: pain
  • Drinking: Tears


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Nicknames from my friends: Sandy, Sandrita, Spindel and Panda. But online I prefer if you call me wolf child
What types of art I do: Mostly manga, sometimes animals, digital art (photo manipulation)
Personality: I'm loud but also quiet, kind, caring, can be sometimes a mother hen, overprotective over my friends, i'am free-spirited (not always), very sarcastic with my friends, like to joke around most of the time, almost never serious (when I am it's never good)
Like: WOLVES!!!, family, friends, animals, draw, swim, to be outside (even if i'm not outside much because of project's or homework need to be done),


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